Flavours & Sounds of Transylvania

Cobor Biodiversity Farm hosted the Flavours & Sounds of Transylvania event for the third year, organized in partnership with the My Transylvania Association. This event allowed our guests to discover the beauty of Cobor village, to taste the traditional delicacies made by the people of Cobor, and listen to old Romanian folk music. We visited the farm where we admired the stunning Transylvanian Grey cattle and the horses staying at our livery. We also had the opportunity to listen the tumultuous history of the fortified church from the priest. We baked “lichiu”, the old Transylvanian pie that accompanies the story of the Saxon villages. Aunt Ibolya taught us how to prepare it and shared secrets known only to her.

Cobor Biodiversity Farm is the first business within the FCC conservation enterprise programme, where we develop a set of mechanisms to help locals achieve welfare, continuing traditional practices and respecting the principles of a sustainable life: promoting natural wealth, eco-tourism, local cuisine, eating seasonal local products purchased from small village producers, as well as organic products from the farm. This farm is a great example of how biodiversity conservation, traditional architecture and a profitable business can go hand in hand. The farm is based upon the breeding of Hungarian Grey cattle for high-quality pasture fed beef, as well as horse livery and eco-tourism. This combination allows land use with very low impact and a focus on preserving and enhancing biodiversity. The richness and diversity of the species in this area is due both to traditional farming practices and to the fact that there is a natural protected area in the vicinity, Hârtibaciu –Târnava Mare Plateau Natura 2000 Site. With its forests, high hills and rich meadows with high natural value, Cobor offers an extraordinary experience.

Our next farm event: Saturday, May 25th: a bike & brunch with bird & beaver watching.

If you want to visit us, we are only an email away: reservation@cobor-farm.ro.

Photo credit: Liviu Ungureanu