New Hungarian Grey Cattle calves in the yard in 2019!

We have started the year with good news: in the coming months our herd of Grey Cattle will get bigger! The veterinary control at the end of December confirmed that our cattle will bring 25 calves to the world. We are waiting for them with enthusiasm and we are ready to offer them the best care! Cows of the grey cattle breed weigh from 550 to 600 kg, bulls 700 to 900 kg, and have strong and tough muscles. Their colour varies with age. Calves are born with reddish-yellow hair, and by the age of 6-8 months they turn completely grey. Adult animals’ colour may vary from silver to ash grey. Almost extinct in Romania, the grey cattle breed is the basis of most of the native breeds in our country and they are genetically exceptional. The stock at the Cobor Farm serves conservation purposes as well as a contribution to the traditional gene bank.

Come to Cobor to see their beauty, and witness their appearance reminiscent of ancient times!