He is Ferdinand, an orphaned calf of our Transylvanian Grey Cattle herd. She is Orsolya, our farm manager and Ferdinand’s first love. And he has such a charme that it is impossible to not like this calf. After a serving of milk, Ferdinand is ready to show his rural cuteness. A month ago, 31 cows with calves and a very happy bull arrived at the Cobor Farm and we intend to increase our herd to 100 animals over the next 12 months.
In the past, Grey Cattle were the authochtonous breed of Transylvania, but during the last centuries they were replaced by more specialised breeds and now only 200 adults are registered in Romania. Our Grey Cattle herd is an active part of the biodiversity conservation programme. We’re glad we managed to bring them back to the area.

Ferdinand: https://www.facebook.com/1593919307566916/videos/1922131694745674/

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