Modern horse power for Cobor

We had the pleasure to host a delegation of the European Draught Horse Federation (FECTU) at Cobor Farm. During that afternoon we and a number of interested farmers from the area learned a great deal about modern horse-drawn machinery: from new machines designed to be horse-drawn, to a combination of “forecarts” that can be used together with tools formerly used by tractors, which are driven through the rear wheels or by an auxiliary engine – basically all agricultural machines, even balers, can be worked with horses!

The advantages are obvious and manifold: besides the fact that horses use no fossil fuels, but run on solar energy (in the form of grass and grain), reduce soil compaction and produce no harmful gases, it also economic and astonishingly efficient to use modern horse power.

At Cobor Organic Farm we are very keen to increase the use of drought horses and hope for a continues collaboration and know-how transfer!