Klezmer concert at Cobor

Cobor fortified church is the host of klezmer music

Klezmer: lively music that urges you to stand and, hand in hand, dance cheerfully around the room… But, as our host was the fortified church, we have expressed our joy just by clapping and applauding. Young children, villagers, townspeople, Romanians, Hungarians, Jewish and Germans, we have enjoyed together this first event organised by our farm, in partnership with Asociatia Hosman Durabil. Thank you, Hinz-Kunz’t, the musicians from Germany and all the present officials: Mr. Kőrösi Viktor Dávid, Hungary’s Consul at Miercurea Ciuc, Mr. Szegedi Laszlo, Archpriest Reformed Church, Mr. ValerPlugaru, President of the Jewish community from Brașov, Mr. Mircea Emil Șchiopea, Mayor TicușuVechi Mr. Alpar Kosa, Vice Mayor Ticușu Vechi. What a beautiful evening!